Friday, December 2, 2011

Number 4: Marty's Hamburger Stand

Looking for a small burger joint that will satisfy a big appetite? Look no further than Marty's Hamburger Stand on West Pico boulevard! Marty's Hamburger Stand is a old style burger joint that puts more emphasis on the food and whose motto is "Home of the Combo." This so called combo is the Marty's Combo Burger that features a hamburger patty with sliced in half hot dogs on top creating an amazing unique taste. If you are feeling a little bit daring be sure to try and Marty's Combo Chili Burger for the ultimate experience. Marty's Hamburger stand also features delicious breakfast burritos, hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, turkey burgers, fries, onion rings, and a variety of drinks. Leaving no opportunity to not be satisfied.

Marty's Hamburger Stand's environment is not that of a restaurant, but more of a hole in the wall find that you tell all of your friends about. This burger joint is often busy during lunch time so be prepared to wait in line if you plan on going during busy hours. However, you will find that the small wait is incredibly worth the great taste!

Menu Favorites:

Marty's Combo Burger: Burger featuring a juicy patty with sliced half grilled hot dogs on top

Chili Cheese Dog: Delicious Chili Cheese dog with mouth watering chili!

Prices: Burgers and Hot Dogs range from $3-$6. Drinks, fries, and onion rings start at $1.75.


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